The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated protocol and guidance for institutions of higher education to include cleaning recommendations.  In accordance with CDC guidance, the University conducts “touch-point” cleaning. Custodial Services has been doing so for the past several weeks and will continue to do so in accordance with CDC guidance.  Custodial Services supervisors continually review adherence to the protocol and strive for improvements.  

With the shift to online learning and the closing of residence halls, Facilities staff hope to streamline cleaning of classrooms and spaces that may not be utilized daily.

All classroom, conference room, and office doors will be marked with a placard when they have been cleaned. If a faculty or staff member uses a room that is marked with a "clean" placard, they should remove the notice so that custodial staff know to clean the space. 

Touch-point cleaning consists of using approved disinfectant in all campus facilities once daily as noted below:   

  • Light switches, door knobs/handles, interior handrails, elevator buttons, ATM machines, vending machines, common-area furniture and common area computer lab keyboards, conference room tables, classroom tables and desks.  

Touch-point cleaning consists of using approved disinfectant in campus facilities at least twice a day in high traffic buildings as noted below: 

  • Pryzbyla Center, DuFour Center, Law School, Mullen Library, Leahy Hall, Crough Center.  

The change in operations is limiting other work and services performed by Custodial Services.  

Faculty and staff may see less vacuuming and are asked to please note the inability of Custodial Services staff to consistently clean your personal space such as desks and personal computer keyboards.  Cleaning staff will not move papers and items on surface areas to clean these personal spaces. You can greatly assist by cleaning your personal space on a regular basis.  

Custodial Services cleans common areas of residence halls, such as lounges, common bathroom facilities, common kitchens (including appliances).  Residents are responsible to clean their personal spaces, including private bathrooms.