A leading legal expert on search, seizure, surveillance, and privacy

Fishman was a prosecutor in New York City from 1969-1977 and has given the following presentations to professional and non-professional groups:

Search, Seizure and Technology (Searching autos and containers; Search and Seizure in the Public Schools or on College Campuses)

�Street Law� (Search and seizure, police questioning for high school students)

Evidence of a Rape Complainant�s Prior Sexual Conduct (Whether evidence of the complainant�s prior sexual conduct or prior sexual assaults should be admitted)

Racial Profiling and Law Enforcement

Old Testament Justice: the Origins of Modern Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Evidence law in the Torah

Miranda: Rights, Wrongs and Unanswered Questions

Recordings, Transcriptions and Translations as Evidence

Defense Counsel Access to a Prosecution Witness�s Psychotherapy or Counseling records

The Impending Death of Privacy (versions for lay and professional audiences)

Jews of the American Revolution

The life of Jacob the Patriarch

Joseph and Judah: Why Joseph revealed his identity to his brothers

God�s Names in the Torah


  • Columbus School of Law
  • Expertise

  • Criminal Law
  • Search and Seizure
  • Confessions
  • Lineups
  • Evidence at Trial
  • Sixth Amendment
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Privacy in the Workplace
  • Auto Searches
  • Rape law
  • Origins of Contemporary Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure and Evidence in the Torah
  • Publications

    • Wiretapping and Eavesdropping, 3d: Surveillance in the Internet Age

      Wiretapping and Eavesdropping, 3d: Surveillance in the Internet Age

      Fishman et al. provides information and tactics for criminal and civil practitioners in situations where Internet, computer, phone (analog, digital, and cellular), or other monitored and recorded evidence issues arise.

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    • Jones On Evidence: Civil & Criminal 7th Edition

      Jones On Evidence: Civil & Criminal 7th Edition

      Fishman et al. cover the Federal Rules of Evidence and the latest revised Federal Rules of Procedure, and provide guidance on how to apply the rules. It also offers expanded coverage of exclusionary law.

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    • Electronic Privacy in the Government Workplace and City of Ontario, California v. Quon

      Mississippi Law Journal [81:5] Fishman addressed the issue of a government employee�s right to workplace privacy from the agency that employs him or her.

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    • The Child Declarant, the Confrontation Clause, and the Forfeiture Doctrine

      Widener Law Review Fishman article examines the effect of Giles v. California on the "testimonial/heresay" statement of a child declarant who does not testify at a defendant's trial.

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