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    John Garvey is the President of The Catholic University of America. Since taking on that position July 1, 2010, Garvey has been a frequent media commentator and author. He has appeared in numerous television and radio reports, been quoted in major newspapers and magazines, and has authored guest columns that have been published widely on a broad range of topics.

    He was the dean of Boston College Law School from 1999 to 2010. In 2008 he was the President of the Association of American Law Schools. He has practiced law with the firm of Morrison & Foerster in San Francisco, and taught at Notre Dame, Michigan, and Kentucky. From 1981 to 1984 he was assistant to the solicitor general of the United States. He was elected to the American Law Institute in 1982.

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    In the Media


    • Religion and the Constitution

      Religion and the Constitution

      John Garvey is co-author of this book that examines the relationship between government and religion within the framework of the Constitution.

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    • Sexuality and the U.S. Catholic Church

      Sexuality and the U.S. Catholic Church

      Lisa Sowle Cahill, John Garvey, and T. Frank Kennedy, S.J., introduce the work of leading Catholic theologians, writers, and scholars on topics that include homosexuality and marriage; theology of the body; views of celibacy past and present; rebuilding community; childbearing; sexual discipleship; and future challenges. Crossroad Publishing Company.

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    • What Are Freedoms For?

      What Are Freedoms For?

      In this Harvard University Press publication, Garvey presents the idea of freedom as a right to act, not a right to choose; and furthermore, we should view freedom as a right to engage in actions that are good and valuable.

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