December 16, 2017

Robert Destro, professor, law, and director, Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies, published commentary in Fox News on Iraq’s Christians.

Holly McKay’s “Life after ISIS: Christians say they can't go home without international protection” is both a heart-rending story about the destruction of ancient Christian communities and a plea for help from the international community. It is also a stark warning of things to come.  

Since there are many layers here, it will be useful to unpack them, one by one.

Let’s begin with an obvious, often-unstated issue: Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia are caught in the crossfire of geopolitical battles they neither started nor have the resources to end. Writing in 1892, the British diplomat Lord George Curzon referred to the countries of the Middle East as “the pieces on a chessboard upon which is being played out a game for the dominion of the world.”  Unless there is an international, regional and local commitment to provide meaningful defense and internal security services, these communities cannot be rebuilt. ...

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