January 31, 2018

Brian Engelland, Edward J. Pryzbyla Chair of Business and Economics, was quoted in a Philadelphia Enquirer story on Rosa’s Pizza, a business he references in his book Force for Good.

... Rosa’s has made it into the curriculum at the Busch School of Business and Economics at Catholic University of America in Washington, where “we try to champion a people-centered approach to business,” said Brian Engelland, a marketing professor. He also has mentioned Rosa’s in his recently released book, Force for Good: The Catholic Guide to Business Integrity.

“What Mason is doing to feed the poor and the struggling … is a great application of the principle of solidarity,” Engelland said. “The idea of solidarity says each of us has a responsibility to lend a hand to those in need. He’s made a way for people to connect with the local community.”

That also makes good business sense, said Engelland, noting that millennials, in particular, are drawn to socially responsible companies. ...

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