January 31, 2018

V. Bradley Lewis, associate professor, philosophy, published commentary in National Catholic Register on North Korean diplomacy.

South Korea announced Jan. 17 that not only will a delegation from North Korea march with South Korean athletes in the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games set to begin in Pyeongchang, South Korea, next month under a flag depicting the whole Korean Peninsula, but the two countries will field a single women’s ice hockey team in the games.

The move comes as a result of renewed talks between the two governments following a proposal made by North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, in his new year’s address.

These developments are quite sudden and raise the question of whether they indicate a general thaw in the standoff between North Korea and the U.S. and its South Korean ally over Kim’s aggressive development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. Just weeks ago, officials expressed concerns that North Korea might actually attempt to sabotage the Pyeongchang games, as they did before the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. ...

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