February 01, 2018

Jennifer Paxton, clinical assistant professor, history, was quoted in a Refinery 29 story on St. Brigid.

... Before Brigid was a saint, i. t's believed that she was a Celtic Pagan goddess, even though recorded history doesn't have much to say about her as a Pagan deity. Practicing Pagans actually still invoke her during healing and fertility rites and celebrate her during springtime. Who we call St. Brigid today is likely the result of several other, lesser known Pagan goddesses who were collapsed into a single figure as time went on, says Jennifer Paxton, PhD, clinical assistant professor of history at the Catholic University of America.

Whether or not Brigid originated in nature-based faiths, she held onto some supernatural powers after becoming a figure in Christianity. Dr. Paxton says that, in addition to the so-called "normal" miracles St. Brigid was said to have performed, like healing and other acts commonly associated with other Christian saints, it was believed that Brigid could also control the rising water in a river. "That’s the sort of thing that a Pagan goddess could do," Dr. Paxton says. ...
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