October 27, 2018

The Catholic University of America has reviewed the Oct. 9 incident captured in the video of Juán-Pabló González, a Master of Library and Information Science student, and determined the following:

Juán-Pabló González was allowed to use the Judge Kathryn J. DuFour Law Library on Oct. 9.

Upon entering the library, Mr. González initiated an exchange with the circulation desk attendant, Brittany McNurlin, regarding how he could access the library. The attendant informed him that access was restricted to law school students, as she was not aware that students from his program had permission to study in the law library. Still, she admitted him to the library.

After having been given permission to use the law library, Mr. González returned to the circulation desk and asked for the identity of Ms. McNurlin’s supervisor, which she provided.

Mr. González continued to ask questions that the student could not answer. The student employee then followed the protocol that the library asks all student employees to follow when no librarian is available: bring issues he or she is unable to resolve to the attention of the University’s Department of Public Safety (DPS). At some point Mr. González began to take video of Ms. McNurlin, without her consent, providing narration at the same time.

The student employee did not call 911. She called DPS, in accord with established protocol.

Throughout the interaction with our DPS officers, Mr. González was treated civilly and with respect. At no time was any sort of threat made against Mr. González.

The incident has given the University the opportunity to refresh our employees and students on access policies to the law library and how to manage that access.

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