May 08, 2023
Matthew Lajoie believes he became a better person at The Catholic University of America. (Catholic University/Patrick G. Ryan)

The graduating class of 2023 is full of driven students who have each had unique experiences throughout their years at The Catholic University of America. Each student, however, started out in the same way – moving into the dorms.

From moving in to moving on, seven seniors caught up with us to provide an update on how they have transformed throughout their college experiences.

Matthew Lajoie came to Catholic University in 2019 from Simsbury, Connecticut. He began his academic career majoring in some branch of business, but his focus was yet to be decided. In terms of academic goals, Matthew was determined to graduate cum laude, or with distinctions. He chose to study at the University for a few reasons. His friend had introduced him to the school, and he knew he wanted to play rugby. Not only that, but he was also excited about “everything” having to do with the Washington, D.C., experience.

He moved in with enthusiasm for his new life at school, but he said that was definitely going to miss his dog as he moved away from home. Matthew’s first impression of the other first-year students was that they were “pretty cool.” He loved to watch Game of Thrones when he had the time and eat cookie dough ice cream as a late night snack to pair with his favorite show. To prepare for moving in, Matthew listened to “To Pimp a Butterfly” by Kendrick Lamar.

Matthew Lajoie wanted to make new friends in 2019 and did. (Catholic University/Patrick G. Ryan)


Has your major changed?

Yes, I changed to a B.S.B.A. with a double specialization in sales and marketing, with a minor in philosophy.

What has been your favorite memory at CatholicU?

My favorite memory at CUA definitely has to be our rugby team's trip to the National Final Four in Houston.

What’s your favorite show to binge watch?

The Boys

How about the last song you listened to?

“You Make My Dreams (Come True)” by Daryl Hall and John Oates

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to work in sales.

What is one thing you will be sad to leave behind, and one thing you are looking forward to after graduation?

I would say I will be sad to leave behind all my younger friends, but I am looking forward to entering the workforce and the independence that comes with it.

What is one goal you hope to accomplish?

I eventually want to have and support a family.

What is your final impression of CatholicU?

My final impression of CUA is that I am grateful I decided to come here, and believe it better prepared me for life outside college than a larger state university would have.

If you could go back in time and tell yourself something on your first day, what would it be?

Plan your study abroad trip for your junior year instead of sophomore year so it doesn't get canceled by COVID-19.