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CatholicU: Through the Seasons

With four distinctly beautiful seasons, the 176-acre campus of The Catholic University of America offers a welcoming and residential home year-round. From the pink cherry blossoms in the spring to the snow forts on the University Mall in the winter, students get to experience a full range of seasons on our Washington, D.C., campus.


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Our large residential campus is especially vibrant in the fall. The trees turn bright crimson and brilliant yellow. The weather becomes ideal for hanging out at outdoor campus events or for hopping on the Metro and exploring Washington, D.C. Take just one look around the campus during this colorful season and you’ll find it easy to fall for CatholicU.



Winter brings unique beauty to Catholic University’s campus. Snow-covered hills give the campus a magical look. Christmas events light up the season and add an abundance of cheer to student life. Despite the cold weather, CatholicU’s campus in the winter provides warmth and welcome to students and visitors alike.



Spring bursts onto campus with warmer weather and a splash of color. CatholicU in springtime is abuzz with activity. Students populate the University Mall to study for exams or take a break to play Frisbee. Excitement is in the air as cherry blossoms bloom and end-of-semester festivities like Cardinalpalooza and Commencement approach. 



Catholic University is a little quieter while most students are away for the summer, but there is much preparation to do for the upcoming year. Tour groups of new and prospective students stroll though campus, orientation advisors prepare to welcome the new freshman class, and students take some time to relax in the sun before classes start back up.