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  • Research Methodology
  • Military Nursing
  • Military Deployment Health
  • Health of Military Spouses
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    • Military Nursing Care of Host Nation Iraqi Patients.

      with Edge, S., Agazio, J., & Prue-Owens, K., published in Military Medicine. The purpose of this phenomenological study was to understand military nurses� experiences of care for Iraqi patients.

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    • Cultural Demands: Nursing Care of Iraqi Patients

      Goodman, P., Edge, S., Agazio, J., & Prue-Owens, K., published in Journal of Transcultural Nursing. This article describes the cultural demands faced by military nurses who provided nursing care for Iraqi patients. Culturally, the differences between the Iraqi patients and the nurses were widespread and included variations in diet, values particularly in reference to gender, family support, comfort measures, patient autonomy, and, most problematic, language.

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    • Deployment of military mothers: Implications for military policies and operating procedures

      with Turner, A., Agazio, J., Throop, M., Padden, D., Greiner, S., & Hillier S. H., published in Military Medicine, 178(7), pp. 729-734. In this article, we presented mothers� perspectives on how military resources affected them, their children, and their caregivers during deployment.

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    • Mothers going to war: The role of nurse practitioners in the care of military mothers and families during deployment

      with Agazio, J., Hillier, S.H., Throop, M., Padden, D., Greiner, S., & Turner, A., published in Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 25, pp. 253-262. Using grounded theory methods, this article described the experiences of military mothers and their children during wartime deployments with clinical implications for nurse practitioners in military or community settings.

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