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  • Human Nature
  • Faith and Reason
  • Distinctiveness of Catholic Education
  • Christology
  • Metaphysics: traditional and contemporary
  • Happiness
  • Human Fulfillment
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    • Personhood, Potentiality, and Normativity

      Published in American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 85 (2011): 483-98. The article develops a new way to defend the personhood of all human beings.

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    • Incarnation

      Published in Oxford Companion to Thomas Aquinas. Brief overview of Aquinas�s views on how Jesus Christ can be one person with two natures, humanity and divinity.

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    • Two Types of Features: An Aristotelian Approach

      Published in Ratio 27 (2014): 140-154. Makes a contribution to the current revival of Aristotelian philosophy.

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