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  • Catholic Moral Teaching (Sexuality & Life Issues)
  • Marriage
  • Sexual Equality/Gender Issues
  • The Thought Of Saint John Paul II
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    From 2005-2009 he served as a theological advisor to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Subcommittee on Marriage and Family. He and his wife were appointed to the Pontifical Council for the Family by Pope Benedict XVI in the fall of 2009 where they serve as a member couple. He is also currently serving as a theological advisor to the U.S.C.C.B. Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family, and Youth.

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    • Dignitatis Personae and the Adoption of Frozen Embryos: A New Chill Factor?

      National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly

      Grabowski et al. explore how the Catholic Church�s teaching on frozen embryo adoption in Dignitas Personae attempts to balance the tension between its affirmations of the personal dignity of embryos and the goodness of adoption.

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    • The Luminous Excess of the Acting Person:

      Journal of Moral Theology

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    • Sex and Virtue

      Sex and Virtue

      This book provides a theological foundation for consideration of the moral dimensions of human sexuality from a Roman Catholic perspective. Drawing upon key biblical themes such as covenant, discipleship, and beatitude, it proposes an understanding of covenant fidelity wedded to the virtue of chastity that provides a suitable framework for a Catholic and Christian approach to issues of sexuality in a contemporary context.

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    • Transformed in Christ: Essays in the Renewal of Moral Theology

      Transformed in Christ: Essays in the Renewal of Moral Theology

      In calling for a renewal of moral theology, the Second Vatican Council also charted a course for the Church's future. The Decree on Priestly Formation specified the need for "livelier contact with the mystery of Christ and the history of salvation" and called for the discipline to be "more thoroughly nourished by scriptural teaching." To this can be added the teaching of the Pastoral Constitution on the Church, which found the mystery of the human person disclosed in the person of Christ, and the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church's recovery of the universal call to holiness.

      The essays in this volume reflect an effort to explore and respond to these hallmarks of renewal indicated by the Council fathers. They therefore treat topics of theological anthropology, the use of Scripture, and growth in holiness through the pursuit of virtue, and also engage the increasingly important question of the role of Scripture in moral theology. These sources of Catholic moral teaching are brought to bear on a variety of pressing contemporary issues: sexual difference, the relationship of sexual expression to marital commitment, methods of family planning, reproductive technologies, and public moral discussion of abortion.

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