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  • Busch School of Business
  • Expertise

  • Entrepreneurship Studies
  • Economic and the Ethics of the Market System
  • Austrian Economics as a School of Thought
  • History of Classical Liberalism in Economics and Political Philosophy (esp. European Figures)
  • General Policy Issues Regarding Intervention In Markets by the Government
  • Research focus

    Sautet has mostly published in the fields of entrepreneurship theory, cluster policy, competition law, and the theory of the firm. Visit his CUA faculty webpage (see link above) to see his extensive publications.

    In the Media


    • Prior Knowledge and Opportunity Identification

      An entrepreneur�s prior knowledge and experience play a critical role in his ability to identify and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities. Sautet et al. test the role of a particular prior knowledge in entrepreneurial discovery within a laboratory setting.

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    • Local and Systemic Entrepreneurship: Solving the Puzzle of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

      Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice

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