Research focus

Wagner studies developmental psychopathology and positive adaptation in children and adolescents, and the ways in which family relationships influence trajectories of adjustment across development. Recent research has focused on three areas. (1) Parenting interventions, based on mindfulness and emotion coaching, that are aimed at improving emotion regulation in adolescents. He is currently adapting the program for use with foster parents. (2) Research with suicidal adolescents to identify family relational factors and adolescent emotion regulation styles that influence ongoing suicide risk. (3) Research with spouses and children of military service members at varying stages of the deployment cycle, with the goal of better understanding the impact of deployments on family relationships and child adjustment. Wagner also has a private practice in adolescent and family psychology.


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  • Adolescent Suicidal Behavior
  • Family Therapy
  • Parenting of Adolescents
  • Military
  • Impact of Deployment on Family.
  • Publications

    • Suicidal Behavior in Children and Adolescents (Current Perspectives in Psychology)

      Suicidal Behavior in Children and Adolescents (Current Perspectives in Psychology)

      Wagner presents the current state of knowledge about suicidal behaviors in children and adolescents, addressing the trends of the past ten years and evaluating available treatment approaches.

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