Professor of Chemistry Diane Bunce 's lecture "Thanksgiving Dinner and Chemistry-What's the Connection?" was featured in a video segment on the American Chemistry Society's "Bytesize Science" Web site on Nov. 21. Click on the link below to see the video.

Thanksgiving and Chemistry: What's the connection?

From: ByteSize Science Date: Nov. 21, 2009Why do people eat mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving Day but not mashed paper towels? That's not such an odd question from a chemistry standpoint because potato and paper are almost as similar as two peas in a pod in terms of the carbohydrates they contain.

For the answer to that and other topics that could spark dinnertime conversation on Thursday, check out our latest video featuring Diane Bunce, Ph.D., professor of chemistry at Catholic University of America and associate editor for Chemical Education research for ACS' Journal of Chemical Education.

The video focuses on traditional Thanksgiving foods, including topics such as:• How does the pop-up timer in a turkey work?• Why do muffins rise, even when made without yeast?• Which antacids neutralize the most stomach acid?To see video of the segment, click here .