On Thursday, Jan. 14, Catholic University held a Mass to pray for people of Haiti. The Mass marks the beginning of a novena - nine days of prayer - which will continue until Friday, Jan. 22. Several media outlets, including Fox 5 TV, WTOP Radio, The Washington Post , The Washington Times , Local News Service TV, Catholic Standard and Catholic News Service covered the event. To see a video of the Fox 5 TV segment, click on the link below.

Catholic U Feels Impact of Haitian Quake

From: Fox 5 TV Date: Jan. 14, 2010 Author: Claudia CoffeyWASHINGTON - What's happening in Haiti thousands of miles away is having a very personal impact on the students of Catholic University.

The university held a mass in honor of the victims and those students directly affected by what's happening in Haiti. Many of the students have friends, even parents, in Port au Prince. Some are still trying to desperately trying to locate loved ones.

Inside Caldwell Chapel on the campus of Catholic University more than a hundred students, faculty and staff packed the pews all with a singular focus praying for those thousands of miles away.

Daniel Burzon's parents are just north of in Port au Prince. His father a doctor is there on a humanitarian mission and was operating at the time of the quake.

"He had a person on the table. The building began to bend and the windows began to rattle. He feared for his life. He said he thought he was going to die in Haitian operating room which obviously I didn't take very well," says Burzon.

His parents are staying in the hospital which appears safe for now. Daniel admits until they are homehe won't feel at ease.

"It just wrecks my heart I haven't slept since it happened," says Burzon.

Also at the mass we met Remy Gouraige, a sophomore.

"It's been very stressful the past couple of days," says Gouraige.He came to this mass praying for his family. His parents were born and raised in Port au Prince they now live in New Jersey. The rest of his family is still in Haiti.

"Actually my mom's relatives were stuck under the rubble. So it is really stressful right now cause we don't know where all our relatives are. So we keep going on the internet and we still don't know," says Gouraige.

So far the family members found appear safe. That's what so many here are praying for -- the safety of so many --so far from here-- but so close to their hearts.

Catholic University has also launched a number of initiatives to help students including online updates of the latest in recovery efforts in Haiti. They have also established a fund. They are asking every student, faculty and staff member to donate five dollars which will be donated to the relief fund.