The Washington Business Journal noted in an Aug. 3 article that CUA will begin offering a Bachelor of Social Work degree. See the article below.

Catholic University to offer Bachelor of Social Work degrees

From: Washington Business Journal Date: Aug. 3, 2009 Author: Tierney PlumbCatholic University of America said another school will start awarding baccalaureate degrees.

Starting this fall, students can get a Bachelor of Social Work degree through the National Catholic School of Social Service (NCSSS).

Catholic University now awards undergraduate degrees at eight schools, which include architecture and planning, arts and sciences, engineering, music, nursing, philosophy and professional studies.

NCSSS, founded in 1918, is currently one of 12 schools at the university offering graduate or professional degrees.

Social work students previously earned a Bachelor of Arts degree through Catholic's School of Arts and Sciences or the Metropolitan School of Professional Studies.

The school has 50 undergraduate social work students, and the mew degree offering is expected to raise that number.

"This will help undergraduate social work majors identify with being social workers and with the profession of social work because they will graduate with the professional degree," said Lynn Milgram Mayer, assistant professor and chair of the Undergraduate Social Work Program.

NCSSS anticipates conferring the first Bachelor of Social Work degrees next spring. Catholic's social work programs are fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.