Chris Vetick, assistant director of ground maintenance, was featured with his wife on a Casey Trees blog for the work they have done with that organization. See the article below.

Spotlight: Project Organizers Teresa and Chris Vetick Share Their Love of Trees

From: Tree Speak, the Casey Trees Blog Date: March 22, 2012 A love of trees is one for the ages. Decades spent around plants and trees have proven that to Chris and Teresa Vetick, a couple of dedicated project organizers for Casey Trees.

Chris Vetick has been working with Casey Trees for four years as a liaison between Casey Trees and Catholic University of America (CUA), where he works as an assistant director in CUA's Department of Grounds. In that time, Casey Trees has planted 125 trees on the campus, in addition to hosting educational activities and outreach programs.

"It has been a rewarding experience working with all the staff and community members, sharing our enthusiasm for the purpose of expanding our trees and being stewards of the environment," he said.

Teresa, the curator of horticulture at the National Zoological Park, said she was eager to get involved as a Casey Trees Project Organizer, too.

"Chris often talked about the awesome team at Casey Trees and the dedication to their mission," she said. "I was inspired by their commitment and wanted to meet to discuss possible future projects."

As a result of her efforts, Casey Trees kicked off its spring Community Tree Planting season with a Citizen Forester class at the National Zoo on March 3. The event was a success, with roughly 70 volunteers now on their way to becoming Citizen Foresters and 30 new trees in the ground near the seal habitat.

The Veticks agree that the District is on the right path in terms of developing green space.

"There is a goal, with a plan and program in place," Chris said. "I think that we are fortunate to be on a trend for environmental awareness and, as citizens, encouraged to practice sustainable efforts in D.C."

The Veticks share a love of trees, certainly, in addition to their shared love of gardening and lacrosse, but the subject of the best green space in D.C. is a point of contention rooted in their pride in their jobs. While Teresa prefers the environment at the Zoo, Chris has another choice.

"I am biased to our campus at CUA," he said. "Since we are the largest campus in the District at 196 acres, there are locations here where you feel the tranquility of a rural environment."

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