National Geographic reported on June 26, 2013, on a a tourism intiative in Ireland duirng 2013 that features the construction of a monument built by architecture students from Catholic University. See the article below.

Gathering Irish Genes

From: National Geographic Date: June 26, 2013 Author: Samantha Blee

In addition to hosting the DNA swab, the Genographic team ventured to the mystical island of Inishturk for the unveiling of "The Tale of the Tongs," the latest art installation in Travis Price's Spirit of Place project, brought to Ireland as part of The Gathering. The piece, which was constructed by local craftsmen and American architecture students, is meant to be a place to "re-connect and re-kindle Irish heritage." While on Inishturk-which translates to "island of the Wild Boar"-the Genographic team swabbed three of the island's original families, whose names are part of the installation.Danny O'Toole of the Mayo County Council has wanted to see something like the "The Tale of the Tongs" on Inishturk for some time."I was born and reared on Inishturk Island and for many years now have wanted something like this to happen on the island," he says. When architect Travis Price of the Catholic University of America expressed interest in bringing the Spirit of Place project to County Mayo, O'Toole knew exactly where it should be built.

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