Team Capitol DC (made up of Catholic University, George Washington, and American University students) is compteting this week in the Department of Energy 2013 Solar Decathlon. Recently they have been featured in the LA Times and on PBS Newshour. See the articles below.

Team Capitol DC designs solar house as haven for wounded veterans

PBS NewsHour video on HARVEST Home

From: LA Times Date: Sept. 30, 2013 Author: Sam Lubell

When members of Team Capitol DC began their Solar Decathlon project two years ago, they were struck by the troubles facing recently returned veterans, some of whom were homeless. The team's Harvest Home is meant to be part of the solution: It will serve as a transitional residence near San Diego for a wounded veteran, a patient at the Veterans Affairs medical center in La Jolla who prefers not to be identified. After he leaves the house, other veterans will live in it, all part of a program run by local nonprofit Wounded Warrior Homes.Read the rest of the story here .

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