John K. White, professor of politics, was quoted in an April 2 Washington Times story on the D.C. democratic primary. See the article below.

From: Washington Times Date: April 2, 2014 Author: Andrea Noble

... It's unclear how much the four years of scandal surrounding Mr. Gray contributed to voter apathy, but turnout Tuesday was low. Only 22 percent of registered Democrats, or 83,040 people, took part in the primary, according to the D.C. Board of Elections.

"That does suggest that there is a certain amount of weakness on the part of her candidacy," said John White, a politics professor at Catholic University of America, noting that the election was mostly a referendum on Mr. Gray.

The mayor's re-election bid, much like his term in office, was mired in accusations surrounding the federal investigation into a $668,000 off-the-books effort to support his 2010 mayoral campaign. Just weeks ahead of the primary, the businessman at the center of the investigation pleaded guilty. His admission that Mr. Gray was complicit in the scheme proved to much for the incumbent to keep his campaign afloat.

As the Bowser and Catania campaigns heat up, observers say, the candidates will need to lay out specific plans to distinguish themselves.

"I don't think that she has really laid out for the electorate to see in any significant way what her administration might look like," Mr. White said of Ms. Bowser. "How they are going to articulate their differences is unknown at this point." ...

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