A May 8 Associated Press profiled Marty Dowd , head men's tennis coach. Dowd has been at CUA for 53 and is leading the team to its first-ever NCAA Tournament. The story was picked up by media outlets, including The Washington Post , Washington Times , New York Daily News , and San Francisco Gat e. Sports broadcaster Boomer Esiason also mentioned Dowd on May 9 in his daily "CBS Sports Minute" for affiliated radio stations.

From: Associated Press Date: May 8, 2014 Author: Joseph White

Marty Dowd has been the men's tennis coach at Catholic University for more than a half-century, and he's finally going to the NCAA tournament. He'll arrive with his sense of humor firmly intact.

"My priorities have changed greatly," Dowd said. "Fifty-three years ago, winning tennis matches is what I'd wake up in the morning thinking about. Now, in my 53rd year, my No. 1 priority is staying close to a men's room."

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