Assistant Professor of Theology Chad Pecknold was interviewed by Catholic News Agency and on the Black Mass re-enactment at Harvard University. See the CNA article below.

Harvard black mass raises questions about application of tolerance

From: Catholic News Agency Date: May 12, 2014 Author: Maureen Bauman

Harvard University's acceptance of a satanic black mass re-enactment on campus raises larger questions of tolerance and whether it is being applied selectively, scholars say.

"If there is a serious question to ask here, it concerns the limits of liberal toleration itself," said Dr. C.C. Pecknold, theology professor at The Catholic University of America.

"Far from facilitating mutual respect and reasoned argument, such anti-Catholic performances really show how distorted liberal and secular reason is when it comes to respect for religious liberty," he told CNA May 12.

He referenced the recent resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, whose opposition to redefining marriage came under fire from members of the LGBT community.

"Why is it that a CEO can be fired for upholding traditional marriage as a public good, but an anti-Catholic act such as this one should be tolerated precisely for the sake of liberalism?" he asked. ...

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