University President John Garvey commented in the National Catholic Register on the Hobby Lobby decision's implications for HHS lawsuits brought by religious nonprofits. See the article below.

From: National Catholic Register Date: June 30, 2014 Author: Joan Frawley Desmond


John Garvey, president of The Catholic University of America (CUA) and an expert on constitutional law, described the decision as "a good sign that the Supreme Court still believes religious liberty is an important constitutional and cultural value."

Lack of Clarity on the HHS Accommodation

Asked to comment on whether the justices now appear more sympathetic to the merits of CUA's own legal challenge to the mandate, Garvey replied that the majority's opinion includes several passages that appear to support the claims of nonprofit plaintiffs, but the court's treatment of the "accommodation," which the administration provided for objecting religious nonprofits, is unclear and requires further study....

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