Andrew Abela, dean of the School of Business and Economics, published an article in the Tablet on the bussiness school and its mission. See the article below.

In pursuit of caring capitalism

From: The Tablet Date: July 5, 2014 Author: Andrew Abela

Washington DC is a city dedicated to the American political machine. But in a corner of it is what might be called the Pope's business school, dedicated to inculcating in students the virtues of an economic system better known for its amorality and greed

The school of Business and Economics at the Catholic University of America was founded in January 2013, two months before the election of Pope Francis. But his pontificate highlights for us the vital importance of our mission to provide teaching and scholarship in business and economics inspired by the Catholic principles of solidarity, subsidiarity, human dignity and the common good.

As the only university owned directly by the Church in the United States, we have an important responsibility to incorporate the fullness of Church teaching about economic life in all of our work. We are, in a sense, the Pope's business school in the US.

Pope Francis' teachings have highlighted two major concerns about the global economy. The first is an "economy of exclusion", the growth in inequality arising from so many people being unable, for various reasons, to participate in economic life - to make their own contributions and enjoy the resulting benefits. The second is a "throwaway culture", which wastes the lives of babies through abortion, wastes the potential of youth through unemployment, and wastes food and other goods through consumerism.


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