Architecture Lecturer Travis Price and several CUA graduates were the focus of a Washington Post story on apartments being built out of shipping containers. NBC 4 and Fox 5 also ran a segment about the apartments. WTOP, Yahoo News!, and In the Capital also ran articles about the project. View the article and segment below.

Shipping container apartment being erected in Washington this week

From: Washington Post Date: July 20, 2014 Author: Michael Laris

... As Price sketched ideas and cost estimates for remaking the house, "I was like, 'Stop what you're doing. What is that number?' " Grace recalled. They couldn't afford it.

Then "Travis kind of sits back from the table and says, 'How about we do it with shipping containers?' "

They thought it was crazy.

Then they didn't.

"I wanted to do this since I was in college myself," Price said last week.

In the '70s, as he pondered the question of "how to solve mass housing," Price proposed building a 10-story steel frame for holding sea container homes - "like a kind of 'Blade Runner' look," he said. It was supposed to be "plug-and-play," meaning a family could detach the utilities and move. "You're in a new city in your same house," Price said. ...

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