Victor Williams, clinical assistant professor of law, published a blog in the Huffington Post on voter law's in Alabama. See the article below.

From: Huffington Post Date: August 28, 2014 Author: Victor Williams

Precious Memories, Part IV [Final].

I never expected to miss the Southland. Going north to Harvard and then west to law school, I returned South only once to law clerk for a federal judge in Mobile, Alabama. Then, it was directly back north to Manhattan.

As relayed in Part I of this series, the South has been increasingly on my mind and in my heart. After learning that Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions would face neither primary nor general election opposition, my Southern focus turned political.

Sessions is the Senate's most extreme anti-immigration, anti-environment, anti-women, anti-veteran, anti-health care ideologue. How could Alabama Democrats have failed to field an opponent to Sessions? The answer: Republicans have total control of Alabama state government. Alabama Democrats were demoralized by partisan ballot deadline shenanigans, a racist Voter ID law, and discriminatory legislative redistricting.

This brought strong memories of my years' clerking for U.S. District Judge Brevard Hand of the Southern District of Alabama. That is when I first met Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III. He was then U.S. Attorney in Mobile.

Now I return to Alabama federal court to demand ballot access to run against Jeff Sessions and to invalidate Alabama's Voter ID law. ( Williams v. Bennett , No. Civ. 14: 890). As relayed in Part III of Precious Memories, however, it is in humble answer to a Macedonian call that I launch an "outside agitator" campaign.

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