Victor Williams, clinical assistant professor of law, published a blog in the Huffington Post on Jeff Sessions and the Deportation Caucus. See the article below.

From: Huffington Post Date: Aug. 8, 2014 Author: Victor Williams

Precious Memories, Part III

The Wall Street Journal opined in early August 2014 that Jeff Sessions leads the "GOP's Deportation Caucus." Sen. Sessions is directing a mean-spirited congressional effort to "deport as many children as rapidly as possible" by reversing DACA and deporting 600,000 Dreamers.

Sen. Sessions seeks every opportunity to exploit the humanitarian crisis playing out at our nation's Southern border. He shouts "no amnesty" and "no surrender to our lawless president." Having for years obstructed comprehensive immigration reform, Sessions is escalating his war against immigrants.

Sessions' Deportation Caucus will not stop with expelling Dreamers, next they will come for millions of undocumented workers. Sessions' Deportation Caucus henchman Rep. Mo Brooks accuses such workers of stealing "8 million job opportunities" from "American citizens."

Jeff Sessions uses "anti-immigrant" rhetoric to dog-whistle signal his Deportation Caucus to be more direct in their racial arguments as indicated in shocking "war on whites" statements. Sessions' key House surrogate (and fellow Alabamian) Mo Brooks infamously describes President Barack Obama's policies: "This is a part of the war on whites that's being launched by the Democratic Party." Sessions' appeal to fear and bias is direct.

My message is equally direct: Jeff Sessions must be challenged and his Deportation Caucus publicly shamed....

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