The Catholic University of America has been named to two Catholic College guides - The Newman Guide, and the National Catholic Register Catholic Identity College Guide. See more below.

The Catholic University of America

From: The Newman Guide Date: 2014 Overview

The Catholic University of America (CUA) is the only pontifical university in the United States that serves primarily lay students. With the support of Pope Leo XIII, the American bishops founded CUA in 1887 for the initial purpose of graduate studies in theology, philosophy, and canon law.

Today CUA has about equal numbers of undergraduate and graduate students, with an undergraduate program that is distinctly and reliably Catholic. The largely Catholic student body has a wide variety of schools and majors from which to choose-unique features for a comprehensive university that embraces a strong Catholic identity.

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Catholic Identity College Guide 2014

From: National Catholic Register Date: Sept. 6, 2014

A look at 38 faithfully Catholic colleges and universities ... and features on the importance of a liberal arts education. ... Here is the complete guide .

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