The CUA School of Business and Economics co-hosted a conference on solidarity and business with the Napa Institute Sept. 24 to 26 at Catholic University. The event was covered by Catholic News Service and Catholic News Agency, and mentioned in a National Review article. See  below.

Business leaders explore ways to carry Catholic values to the office

From: Catholic News Service (via Catholic Courier ) Date: Sept. 26, 2014 Author: Dennis Sadowski

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Venture capitalist Frank Hanna believes that just because he's a Catholic business owner, his faith and values don't have to be checked at the office door.

If anything, Catholic virtue and a deep feeling of solidarity with colleagues, customers and poor people around the world guide his decision-making to, as Hanna puts it, help humanity flourish.

Hanna, CEO of Hanna Capital in Atlanta, told 75 participants at a Sept. 24-26 conference on the vocation of business at The Catholic University of America that moral values in business must be a priority for Catholic business owners and managers.

Wealth is not measured solely by dollars, but by how business owners conduct themselves in delivering goods and services and building solidarity -- the Catholic principle of the being in unity with others -- with people of all walks of life, Hanna said Sept. 25.

"He or she must not neglect the dollars, but must in the end conduct himself as if something else has priority," Hanna explained. "This issue of being a Christian in the business world is not a constant Manichean choice between having money or being good. It's rather a matter of priority.

"Do we put first things first? The way to practice solidarity in business, such that human relationships are strengthened and human flourishing abounds, is to make such solidarity the higher priority. It's not in place of profits, but it's more important," he said.

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Cupich's Radical Invitation - Don't lose souls to politics.

From: National Review Date: Sept. 29, 2014 Author: Kathryn Jean Lopez

... That spark was the topic, too, of a conference this past week at the Catholic University of America's 18-month-old business school in Washington, D.C., co-sponsored by the Napa Institute. Business is a calling, in which sin is to be avoided and solidarity and even preference for the poor is to be pursued. For the Christian in business, said Atlanta businessman Frank Hanna, wealth cannot be seen as merely material. "I couldn't wall off part of my life from God," Sean Fieler, a successful Manhattan hedge-fund president, explained, concluding from his own experience that "we need to encourage ethical people in business to put people before profit." ...

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Solidarity a virtue for businessmen too, CEO counsels

From: Catholic News Agency Date: Oct. 7, 2014

... Business leaders should embrace virtues like solidarity and mutual dependence among their business partners, employees, customers and broader communities in order to bring wealth to everyone, a Catholic businessman said.

"As Catholics, we must not merely speak words like solidarity - rather, we need to think deeply about what they mean for us, in our personal lives, and how we embody them as we go about our daily business in society," Frank J. Hanna III, the CEO of Hanna Capital, told CNA.

Hanna was among the speakers at The Catholic University of America's conference "Liberty and Solidarity: Living the Vocation to Business." The conference, co-sponsored by the California-based Napa Institute, took place Sept. 24-26.

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