Joseph Capizzi, associate professor of theology and religious studies, was interviewed in a National Catholic Register article on stopping ISIS. See the article below.

Stopping ISIS

From: National Catholic Register Date: Sept. 4, 2014 Author: Joan Frawley Desmond

... "It's very hard to find any consistency in the current administration's statements on the use of force or in its action either," said CUA's Capizzi, echoing the criticism of a growing number of policymakers on Capitol Hill. "We need to make that case to our politicians: The current foreign policy in that region is a mess."

Capizzi further emphasized that military intervention should be part of a broader strategy for addressing the threat posed by the jihadist organization, expressing concerns raised by the Holy See and the U.S. bishops, who have called for a U.S.-led effort to respond to the needs of displaced religious minorities. ...

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