Robert Destro,  professor of law, was quoted in a National Catholic Register story on the regulation of abortion clinics. See the article below.

Regulating Abortion Facilities

From: National Catholic Register Date: Sept. 4, 2014 Author: Brian Fraga

... However, pro-life activists and legal experts question the argument that health-and-safety regulations such as hospital-admitting privileges, intended to protect women's health, are unconstitutional because a majority of abortion facilities cannot or will not comply with those standards. The Texas law also mandates admission privileges, along with its building-code stipulation.

"If this were any other kind of ambulatory surgical facility, there would be no question about the need for admitting privileges. It would be a no-brainer. It's only in the context of abortion that you get this cart-before-the-horse kind of analysis," said Robert Destro, a law professor and founding director of the Interdisciplinary Program in Law and Religion at The Catholic University of America's Columbus School of Law.

Destro told the Register that the federal courts have repeatedly held that an otherwise valid health regulation is not made unconstitutional because doctors will not comply with it.

"The question in constitutional law is, 'Is there a reasonable basis for the rule?'" Destro said. ...

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