A blog by Robert Christian, doctoral candidate in politics, was published in the National Catholic Reporter. See the article below.

From: National Catholic Reporter Date: Sept. 47, 2091 Author: F. Scott Fitgerald

In a recent interview, Pope Francis offered 10 guidelines to achieving greater happiness. These included:

Live and let live;Be giving of yourself to others;Be kind, humble, and calm;Have a healthy sense of leisure;Make Sundays a day for family time, not work;Find dignified work for young people;Care for creation;Let go of the negative;Inspire through witness and engage in dialogue; andPromote peace.

These are great guidelines for living a happier life, a valuable contribution for everyone in our society looking for happiness in all the wrong places, whether in consumerism, casual sexual encounters, or alcohol and drugs. But beyond this practical assistance, these keys to happiness also reveal some of these reasons why Pope Francis has such a broad appeal, why this man in his late 70 has become an international rock star.

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