Clifford Fishman, professor of law, was quoted in a San Francisco Chronicle column about cameras and privacy. See below.

Sharing economy means putting your trust in complete strangers

From: San Francisco Chronicle Date: Sept. 27, 2014 Author: C.W. Nevius

... Lyft and Uber have faced concerns about insurance for drivers. Shared housing services have stepped up, too. After the infamous trashing of a San Francisco apartment in 2011, Airbnb set up a 24-hour customer hotline, created a "trust and safety" department and established a $1 million "host guarantee" insurance policy to cover theft and damage.

And now they've created a policy on cameras. Clifford Fishman, a law professor at Catholic University of America and a nationally known expert on surveillance, says it's only common sense.

"When you rent a room, you are renting the right to privacy in that room," he said. "The fact that you did not inspect every inch of the room does not change that."

So putting the bag over the camera wasn't unreasonable?

"My instinct would have been to reach for a baseball bat," he said.

I thought about it. Trust me.

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