Jerry Conrad, associate vice president of facilities operations, was quoted in an Architects + Artisans blog on the renovation of O'Connell Hall. See below.

In D.C., Restoring a Collegiate Gothic

From: Architects + Artisans Date: Oct. 20, 2014 Author: Mike Welton

One of the signature buildings on The Catholic University of America's campus in Washington, D.C. has undergone a sensitive renovation at the hands of SmithGroup.

The Tudor Gothic structure, part of a master plan designed in 1914 by Murphy & Olmstead, originally offered student meals in its Great Hall, with dormitories above.

Over time, academic and administrative activities evolved into the space; then two modern wings were added, one in 1960 and another in 1962. For a time, a Rathskeller occupied its basement.

Now Father O'Connell Hall is back to serving students, including prospective and current ones, as well as alumni.

"The idea was to consolidate enrollment and admission and financial services groups, so it's a one-stop shop," says Jerry Conrad, associate vice president of facilities operations.

Prospective students walk into a theater area and an interview room for the admissions process. Current students can look up classes and financial aid. Alumni services are there too, and its tower section now houses administrative offices.

"It's all cohesive - prospective, current and past students are all in one building," he says. "There are more efficiencies, and it's all under one roof."


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