Christopher Ruddy, associate professor of theology, published an article in America Magazine on responses to the Synod. See below.

Responses to Synod 2014: A Journey of Accompaniment

From: America Date: Oct. 27, 2014 Author: Christopher Ruddy

Pope Francis' first public word to the cardinals who elected him was "movement." In a homily delivered in the Sistine Chapel the day after his election, he preached that the church must move by journeying, building and professing Jesus Christ crucified. "When we stop moving," he said, "things go wrong." He concluded with one of his favorite Italian words, "Avanti." The church must "go forward."

The pope's words came to mind over the past two weeks of the recently concluded Extraordinary Synod of Bishops. A synod is literally a walking or journeying together (syn) along the way (hodos). It would be an understatement to describe that common journey to-date as dramatic, even turbulent. Some have seen it as scandalous, others as liberating. One hopes that the ongoing journey will be animated by ever-greater freedom, respect and transparency.

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