Law Professor Marshall Breger was recently part of a panel of experts commenting on the role of religion in Supreme Court justinces' rulings. Breger's remarks were mentioned in a Catholic News Service article, and video of the panel was posted by Moment magazine. See the article below.

Panelists examine role of religion in Supreme Court justices' ruling

From: Catholic News Service (via Catholic News Herald) Date: Oct. 30, 2014 Author: Sarah McCarthy

... The panel debated whether nonreligious influences, such as the justices' socioeconomic backgrounds, factor as prominently into their rulings as their religious affiliation. Marshall Breger, a professor at The Catholic University of America's Columbus School of Law, said people should not overestimate the role of religion because it is "one of many things" that influence justices.

"I'm not sure that someone being a Catholic, being a Jew, or even a Protestant ... (tells) you much about how they're going to make decisions, probably because there are so many ways of being a Catholic, so many ways of being a Jew and so many ways of being a Protestant," Breger said. "I do think that what you bring to the court -- your experiences, your background -- tells you something about how you're going to approach cases."


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Bringing the Pew to the Bench: Moment/Newseum Discussion on How Religion Influences Supreme Court Justices

From: Moment Magzine Date: Oct. 30, 2014

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