William D'Antonio , senior fellow, Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies, and associate researcher, sociology, was quoted in an Oct. 4 National Catholic Reporter article about issues that are important to Millennial Catholics in anticipation of the Synod of Bishops on the family.

From: National Catholic Reporter Date: Oct. 4, 2014 Author: Vinnie Rotondaro

... At the Catholic level, there are roughly 15 million millennial faithful living in America, said Bill D'Antonio, a sociologist at The Catholic University of America and co-author of the 2013 book American Catholics in Transition, which traces the beliefs and values of American Catholics over the years. (The book draws on data collected in a longitudinal study of U.S. Catholic attitudes and practices that D'Antonio and a team of researchers have been conducting over 30 years in part with sponsorship from NCR.)

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