Catholic University was featured in a story on the diversity of freshman students at local universities. See below.

D.C. college freshmen: a portrait

From: Washington Post Date: Oct. 21, 2014 Author: Nick Anderson


Catholic University, meanwhile, is wired into Saudi Arabia. It has a projected 10 Saudi freshmen, more than the four counted at the University of the District of Columbia and two each at GWU and Georgetown.


? Catholic's biggest source state is Maryland, which sent 157 freshmen. Pennsylvania and New Jersey sent 103 each, reflecting the university's regional position. But several states sent one freshman each to Catholic: Arkansas, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah. Catholic also boasts the city's highest number of Puerto Rican freshmen: 14. (Georgetown has nine.)

Internationally, Catholic drew a smattering of non-Saudi freshmen: a Spaniard, a Romanian, a Venezuelan, a Nicaraguan, a Brazilian, a Congolese, an Argentine. It also drew two Kuwaitis.


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