"Washington 101," a textbook written by four Catholic University instructors - Matthew Green, associate professor of politics; Julie Yarwood, history instructor; Laura Daugherty, assistant professor of social work; and Maria Mazzenga, education archivist - was the subject of a Washington Post column. See below.

Washington for dummies? No, Washington for college students, courtesy of a textbook

From: Washington Post Date: Oct. 6, 2014 Author: John Kelly

... A lot of people could benefit from taking the class, every member of Congress, for starters. They might better appreciate the strange political limbo in which the city and its citizens exist.

When the class was launched, the required reading came from a hodgepodge of disparate sources. There was no single textbook.

"Most books are either for tourists or they are extremely specialized, and we were looking for something in the middle," Matt said.

So he and his co-teachers - Julie Yarwood, Laura Daughtery and Maria Mazzenga - decided to write their own. It's also called "Washington 101."


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