John Grabowski, associate professor of theology, was quoted in a Washington Times story on the Synod of Bishops. See below.

Catholics split on gay-welcoming synod report

From: Washington Times Date: Oct. 14, 2014 Author: Meredith Somers

...Italian Cardinal Fernando Filoni, head of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, said the high expectations were justified.

"The challenge facing bishops," Cardinal Filoni said according to Vatican Radio, "is to encourage both those living up to the Church's teaching on the family, as well as those parents or children living in more problematic situations." John Grabowski, associate professor and director of moral theology and ethics at the Catholic University of America, said the reaction from conservative leaders was an attempt to "manage the message a little better, but even that was a little misguided."

"We're talking about a provisional statement drafted by a committee about an ongoing conversation." Mr. Grabowski said. "There's no doctrinal weight here. Even the bishops who are enthusiastic, they're all saying 'You now what? We're not changing doctrine, we're trying to change the tone. We're trying to get more welcoming, more hospitable, more inclusive.' If anyone has been listening to Pope Francis, he's said all along he's not interested in changing doctrine, but putting more of an emphasis on love and mercy at the heart of Catholic moral teaching"


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