Rev. Anthony McLaughlin, assistant professor of canon law, was quoted on the annulment process in the United States in a Washington Times article. See below.

We can't all be Kennedys: Annulment petitions plummet among U.S. Catholics

From: Washington Times Date: Oct. 15, 2014 Author: Meredith Somers

... "While I don't expect Pope Francis and the synod [to decide] that, 'Oh, by the way, marriage is no longer indissoluble,' the question is whether there is room for improvement of the annulment process, a man-made process, to arrive at the truth," Father McLaughlin said. "In the history of the church, I think the process as we currently have it is as user-friendly as we've had in the church. Does that mean it could not be further streamlined or tweaked? It could be more user-friendly. It's certainly open to that possibility."


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