Law Professor Lisa Lerman was quoted in a New York Times story on lobby firms and influence. See below.

Link Shows How Lobby Firm Cultivates Influence

From: New York Times Date: Nov. 9, 2014 Author: Eric Lipton

...But Lisa G. Lerman, a law professor at Catholic University and a co-author of the widely used casebook Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law, said that a law enforcement official like Ms. Bondi should maintain some personal distance from lawyers or lobbyists representing private parties. Her office has an enormous amount of discretion when it comes to deciding whether to initiate investigations into companies represented by Dickstein, or how to settle cases that have already been started.

"You want these relationships with the law enforcement official to be arm's length to help ensure the decisions would be dispassionate," Ms. Lerman said. "This seems like the opposite of that. I think it is unseemly." ...

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