Robert Miller , associate professor of biblical studies, was interviewed for an Aleteia story on the site of Jesus's trial. See below.

Archaeologists Believe They've Found Site of Jesus' Trial

From: Aleteia Date: Jan. 5, 2015 Author: John Burger

... "I would agree with most scholars that it is quite likely, though not definite, that the area they are excavating is where Jesus' trial before Pilate would have taken place," said Robert D. Miller, associate professor of Old Testament at Catholic University. "The place currently venerated as the first Station of the Cross - the Franciscan Convent of the Flagellation which was the Roman fortress Antonia - is most certainly not where Jesus was tried, and most scholars place the Praetorium of Pilate just where the 'Tower of David' is. The remains they are excavating now would be the walls and floors of the Praetorium itself, then." ...

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