The cover of The Washington Post Magazine featured an article about Emilio Cuerto, who recently spoke at Catholic University about his book on Cuba. See below.

Can one man's Cuban road trip fix 56 years of cultural disconnect?

From: Washington Post Date: May 8, 2015 Author: David Montgomery


Out of 80 or so students in Cueto's graduating class of 1960 at the prestigious Belén prep school in Havana - where Castro graduated in 1945 - about 90 percent moved into exile, by Cueto's count. One recent afternoon at Catholic University in Washington - where Cueto graduated as valedictorian in 1965 - a dozen Belén classmates and relatives of classmates join an audience of 70 to hear Cueto talk about his book.

He's trying to change the exile community, too, one exile at a time. "I keep a record of a slow resurrection" of Cuba, he says. "Something to inform my compatriots in the U.S. that it's not what they think, and they should give it a chance."

After dinner with old friends, Cueto returns to the Emilioteca and his constant search for a more intimate understanding of the repercussions of a past that is never past.


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