Monsignor Stephen Rossetti , clinical associate professor, theology, was interviewed about a priest who broke the vow of chastity. See below.

Rev. Curran may face long road back to pulpit after breaking chastity vow

From: Chicago Tribune Date: May 4, 2015 Author: Manya Brachear Pashman


Rossetti, who is also a clinical associate professor at Catholic University of America, said priests who sexually abuse minors should never return to ministry. Those such as Curran, who commit sexual transgressions with adults, can fight their way back. Even if the relationship took place between two consenting adults, it could be an abuse of power by someone in a position of authority, he said.

Church leaders have learned that they must err on the side of protecting the people they serve. Psychological evaluations are often conducted to determine if the priest has difficulty setting boundaries or is prone to narcissism.

"What we recommend as psychologists is help the church try to understand the root of this transgression," Rossetti said. "Is it only a moral failure or are there other psychological defects involved?"


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