Stephen Schneck , director of the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies and associate professor of politics, was quoted in a May 26 Bloomberg article about how Hillary Clinton will deal with welfare during her campaign.

Will Hillary Clinton Run Against Her Husband's Welfare Legacy?

From: Bloomberg Date: May 26, 2015 Author: Melinda Henneberger


Many anti-poverty advocates are hopeful that Clinton will address the holes in the safety net head-on, finally repairing the system that she and her husband had a hand in creating: "Welfare reform needs to be revisited,'' said Stephen Schneck, director of the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies at Catholic University and a former national co-chair of Catholics for Obama. "I think Hillary needs to stand up and say, 'My husband and the Republicans in the 90s really thought they'd put together a package that was going to fix welfare and poverty but didn't fix either one.' She needs to call America to the barricades in the struggle against deep poverty.''

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