Robin Darling Young , associate professor, theology, published an article in Commonweal on the Pope's upcoming encyclical on the environment. See below.

Does the Earth Have Rights?

From: Commonweal Date: May 15, 2015 Author: Robin Darling Young

When Pope Francis issues his encyclical on the environment this spring or early summer, some American Catholics will welcome it-but only some. Broadly speaking, Catholic opinion on climate change matches the American political spectrum, and thus the polemics around this polarizing issue are Catholic polemics as well. As numerous recent articles make clear, Francis is concerned about global warning. Catholics who oppose policies meant to halt or ameliorate climate change-Catholic climate skeptics-grant the pope's authority in the moral realm, but dispute his expertise in climate science. Some have not hesitated to call him out on his views, at times harshly. One called Francis imprudent and apocalyptic; another said he was "an ally of the far left," a "Marxist" who has been "snookered" by climate-change ideologues.


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