John Grabowski , associate professor of moral theology and ethics, and his wife participated in a panel of married couples who presented to the U.S. bishops last week. Catholic News Agency covered the panel. See below.

Married couples to Catholic Church: Give us clear, positive teaching on marriage

From: Catholic News Agency (via Catholic World Report) Date: June 14, 2015


Claire and John Grabowski, Ph.D., are members of the Pontifical Council for the Family. They spoke of the beauty of the complimentary of men and women in marriage, and on the graces that come from the sacrament.

"Marriage is unique as a sacrament because it is a hinge between the orders of nature and grace," John said. "The opening chapters of the book of Genesis bear witness to the integral nature of marriage as part of God's good creation, and the goodness of the sexually differentiated body created in the image likeness of God."

In their work preparing couples for marriage, Claire said she always tries to help the couples understand the graces that they will receive throughout their life through the sacrament of marriage. She also gives them some practical advice.

"There are two things I tell them to remember: the importance of going to Mass together, and making the family dinner a priority," she said. "It is here that we come to know our children and to form them to become children of God."

John explained that their brief reflections on the beauty of marriage are fleshed out much more fully in St. John Paul II's "Theology of the Body" and the Church's catechesis on marriage and family.

"It's important to understand that we cannot supersede a Theology of the Body with a Theology of Love," John said. "The Theology of the Body is already a Theology of Love. To articulate a Theology of Love, we need to articulate the Theology of the Body."


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